About Sbabam

#sbabam is about positive changes geared towards enjoyment, imagination and creativity and the joy of being with other people.  To change the world of today and of tomorrow is possible: you just need to keep on playing!

The brand is dedicated to the creation, design and newsstand distribution of toys, accessories and colourful and fun novelties that are in line with the latest trends, simple yet appealing and easy to enjoy with others.

#sbabam is a TemaProm line and is the brainchild of a team of creative and dynamic professionals, ever ready to develop new ideas and make them into novel objects.  A group of people with extensive expertise in making and distributing personalized media and editorial products on an international level.

In Italy and Abroad, we create objects, imaginative ideas, the chance to change: we promote the pleasure of spending time together, imaginative play, enjoying oneself and smiling in good company, the opportunity to grow and be better ourselves and for others. With the same approach we have welcomed the world of Licensing.

#sbabam is a dream, a few words, a simple question: shall we play to change?