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Experience and enthusiasm, creativity and passion…

..It’s a dream: to transform the world of today and tomorrow, through simple and colourful, social and entertaining games.

Shall we play for change?

A favourite room in the house, the city park or the school yard. In the morning, in the afternoon or before bedtime. Alone, with the family or with friends. Every daily situation can become playful and fun if you’re tuned in with #sbabam.

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The brand is dedicated to creating, designing and selling in newsagents and large distribution channels toys, accessories and fun novelties that are in line with the latest trends, colourful, simple appealing and easy to enjoy with others.


In Italy and Abroad, we create objects, imaginative ideas, the chance to change: we promote the pleasure of spending time together, imaginative play, enjoying oneself and smiling in good company, the opportunity to grow and better ourselves and others.

Play For Change

#sbabam is about positive changes geared towards enjoyment, imagination and the joy of being with other people.