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Kokoro – Second Collection


Kokoro – Second Collection

See the Tv Commercial (Italian Version)

Kokoro – Second Collection

This is the new collection of fantastic Kokoros, the cute, sweet little animals that animate the World of Hugs, the World of Ice, the World of Forests and the World of the Jungle.

Kokoro – Second Collection

Light up their glowing hearts and find the gold one.

Kokoro – Second Collection

Each one is cuter, sweeter, and above all, velvety.

World of the Jungle: Parrot Ara Riko

I’m very likeable and a big chatterbox. I love perching on trees and then nosediving until I brush the ground. My birthday’s on: October 2nd My friends are: Zira and Lino My favourite colour is: yellow, like a pineapple

World of Ice: Wolf Blue

I’m strong and brave. I like facing new challenges and throwing myself into new adventures with my friends Snowy and Flake. My birthday’s on: April 19th My friends are: Snowy and Flake My favourite colour is: blue, of course!
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